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Dave Nicholson Products is a new website coming soon all about - Dave Nicholson Products.

As you can see, this website is just getting going, so in the meantime here is a list of Dave Nicholson products you may like to look at. Check out this growing collection of products by Dave Nicholson (many in partnership with John Thornhill, Dan Sumner or Omar and Melinda Martin):

(Please note: from time to time links do not work. Sometimes when we discover this, we will temporarily link to another Dave Nicholson product until we can get a valid replacement.)

Niche Marketing Kit Christmas Blowout (with John Thornhill - they're including all the products, tools and training they've used to generate more than $1 million in sales this year to make this their biggest festive blowout ever.)

Instant Product Publisher 12 PLR Profit Pack (with Dan Sumner) New!

Instant Azon (WordPress plugin, with John Thornhill)

Simple Success System (50 niche sites, with John Thornhill)

WP Affiliate Builder (with Omar and Melinda Martin)

60 Minute Reseller (with John Thornhill)

Niche Marketing Kit (with John Thornhill)

CB Affiliate Master (with John Thornhill)

Affiliate Ad Rotator (with John Thornhill)

List Phoenix (with John Thornhill)

Massive Traffic Special (with John Thornhill)

WP Speedy Links (with John Thornhill)

Like Page Builder (with John Thornhill)

And here are some free training products and tools you can get from Dave Nicholson:

Free Monthly Websites 2.0 (with John Thornhill)

Dave Nicholson is well known for his high quality PLR products and sites as well as internet marketing training and software products.

As can be seen from the product list, Dave frequently partners with other marketers to produce products and courses, in particular former car factory colleague John Thornhill from nearby Sunderland and Daniel Sumner, also from Sunderland.

Dave Nicholson also frequently collaborates with his good friends Omar and Melinda Martin in Florida to create and market software and other products, especially in the area of WordPress.

Dave is from Durham in County Durham in the North East of England and lives in Durham in the United Kingdom with his wife and two dogs.

































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